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This website establishes the following privacy policy and is committed to protecting appropriate privacy information in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act.

Purpose of Personal Information Usage

The personal information collected by our company will be used for the following purposes:
- Providing information and conducting sales activities related to our products and services.
- Sending updates, seminar invitations, and exhibition notifications.
- Requesting surveys and questionnaires.
- Providing information related to our business activities.
- Personalizing our website and email services.
- Supporting direct marketing, internet marketing, and similar marketing activities
Our company will not use the collected personal information for purposes other than those mentioned above.

Cookie Policy

Our company uses cookies for the purpose of improving services to customers and for advertising and promotion of our products. Cookies are a mechanism that stores usage history and input contents, etc., sent and received between internet browsing software (browser) and servers as files on a customer's computer when using a web page. If customers allow the sending and receiving of cookies through their browser settings, our company may obtain cookies stored on the customer's computer and link the collected behavioral history with personal information. In addition, our company may refer to cookies stored on a customer's computer via third parties entrusted with advertising distribution, etc., and web pages other than our site and may perform advertising and promotion of our products. Customers can select cookie sending and receiving settings through their browser settings, such as "Allow cookies," "Reject cookies," and "Notify when cookies are received." Please note that selecting the setting to reject cookies may result in the inability to use some of the services we provide.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The content of this policy may be changed without notification to registered users. Except as otherwise provided by the operator, the revised privacy policy shall be effective from the time it is posted on this page.

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