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Corporate Philosophy

Since our establishment, Tsukasa Chemical Industry has been fully committed to creating functional products utilizing plastics under the guiding our principles of "Technology and Creativity." As professionals in packaging materials, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering high-quality and cost-effective products that cater to the needs of our customers.

Our purpose and values have been supported by the TSUKASA DNA that has been passed down from our inception. We cherish the spirit that sustains our unwavering attitudes and beliefs, especially in this present era.

We continuously strive to be a company that consistently creates new value. Each of our employees takes on new challenges and accumulates daily actions. With the slogan "Creating the Future Together—みらいを、つつむ、まもる," we will continue to work together as one team to offer improved products and initiatives.



Creating the Future Together

Our mission encompasses the aspiration to contribute to a sustainable society through corporate activities that benefit people, society, and the Earth's environment.
We aim to be a sincere company trusted by all stakeholders, including customers, by providing new value through manufacturing and striving for a sustainable society.

With gratitude and reverence for the blessings of nature that serve as raw materials for our products, we actively promote initiatives towards a circular society. Our mission at Tsukasa Chemical Industry is to contribute to the creation of a rich, enduring society that connects our beautiful Earth to the future.



Changing the Future of Packaging through "Technology and Creativity"
技術と創造 で包装の “みらい” を変える

Our Vision is our collective aspiration, where we aim for a better "みらい" (future) and work together as employees to achieve it.
Tsukasa Chemical Industry has collaborated with partners both domestically and internationally to create new value, including stretch films, packaging bands, and tying materials, with our proprietary technologies.
We are committed to cherishing our past endeavors while striving for innovation and the creation of new businesses in order to move forward into the next 100 years. Our goal is to become an even more trusted company than before, aiming for sustainable growth and evolution.

Our Core Values


OUR DNA is the genetic code that each employee has carried since our establishment in 1968—a shared set of values and mindset. As we work towards the "みらい" we envision, we will continue to embrace these feelings unchanged.

Embracing Customers

We stand by our customers' side, prioritizing their feelings and listening to their voices. Focused on practicality, we respond to the trust and expectations of our customers.

Embracing the Environment

As a company that deals with plastics, we continue to hold an environmental consciousness that extends beyond corporate activities, with each employee contributing to the conservation of the global environment.

Pursuing Quality

We maintain an unwavering commitment to quality in all processes, ranging from the planning, research and development, manufacturing, and provision of all products and services, to communication with our customers.

Continuous Endeavor

We embrace the spirit of "Technology and Creativity", continuously challenging ourselves to create new value while dreaming big for the future.

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